Welcome to the Staff Team page. Hopefully, you've already joined and gotten to know us all. We've been open since May 12th, 2007 on proboards where we first opened and moved to in April of 2013. We stayed there up until February of 2017 where we've now moved officially to Jcink. The reasons for the first two moves was due to changes in the forum interface that would force admins to relearn their entire admin panel all over again. Jcink pretty much keeps it basic without going overboard. Since the move to Jcink, we've rebooted the entire storyline and lives of all characters to start from the beginning and over the course of the years, our staff members have changed a lot as well. We have a fair amount that is needed to keep the site managed and we all get the job done by making sure that everyone is having fun. Below, are our personal pages that you'll free to click on and read up on us. If there's anything you wish to know, you're free to speak to us on our site's Discord and on the site in the cbox.


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