Happy New Year! It's a brand new year which means a brand new outlook for our characters! The Tsukuba Academy plot is finally up as well as a new Sailor Moon plot. The Code Geass plot has finally come to an end, sad but true. It was fun while it lasted but it had to end. The Death Note plot will be rewritten and we MIGHT have the Hinata Festival plot. To participate in anything, you have to be a member!

Later on in the Spring, the Hinata Festival will be brought back so long as people actually start RPing threads related to it. Second, the Death Note side arc will officially be starting off this year finally once the final battle thread between the Senshi and Queen Ria is done. And finally, the Code Geass side arc should start moving along faster once a few bumps have been smoothed out. Both arcs will be linked so anyone who is interested in participating can read the summaries and join if they wish. But to participate, you have to be a member.

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