The Hinata Boys dorm was the new addition to the Hinata Property over six years ago and since then there have been guys from all over coming to the dorm to stay as a resident. So far, there have not been any known significant problems between the males of the boys dorm and the females of the girls dorm but the guys are smart enough to be weary of the infamous females Motoko Aoyama and Naru Narusegawa who are known from kicking a guys ass first and asking questions later.

Main LobbyEdit

The lobby is the ground floor as well as entrance to the boys dorm. The common room and the kitchen are also located on this floor along with the elevator that takes current and new residents up to the the first to third floors. Please make sure you check in and pay your rent on time as it is due on the first of the month.

Dormitory RoomsEdit

Welcome all new male tenants to the Hinata Sou Boys dorm. Here the rooms are already furnished with bed, closet, dresser for your clothes and some rooms are big enough to accustom more than one person. Sometimes two or three depending on if you're by yourself or with someone. Thanks to the recent renovations, the rooms have also been equipped with Wi-Fi for those with laptops. The rent plans for each floor are as follows: 1 Bedroom: $150, 2 Bedrooms: $250, and 3 Bedrooms: $350. Overall there are 48 one bedrooms, 48 two bedrooms, and 48 three bedrooms. The two and three bedrooms allow tenants with roommates to have their own bedroom while they share living room and kitchen space.

Patio RoofEdit

Here the patio roof is located on the third floor of the building at the end of the hall. This patio is also adjacent to the girls roof patio along with being able to see the outskirts of the city.

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