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I'm Jazcat, the admin and founder of Love Hina Generation. I started this site back on proboards when I was still in high school and over the years I've met a lot of great people, interesting people, weird people and bad people. Nevertheless, the experiences I've had with this people have shaped me into being a better admin that I am today. Everything, like most, started out like crap and I didn't have any idea what I was doing but many things have changed to where they've been updated and rebooted to be better and make a lot more sense compared to before. I'm trying to create a welcoming environment for everyone to come to so they can have fun plotting with each other. There will be times that we won't disagree but as long as the ending result doesn't make us want to pull our hair out, I'm pretty cool. I am flexible to an extent unless you're asking something of me that I clearly can see doesn't make sense for me to do.

I expect everyone to treat each other respectfully and work together when doing plots and character development. Don't expect too much out of people that they can't give as it will be a very big fail for you. We encourage everyone to be open minded, not closed minded but I've come to learn that everyone is different so sometimes there are wins and sometimes there are fails. Everyone is allowed to play a series character of their choosing whether it be from Love Hina, Negima, or any other anime as long as you make it work into the current site's universe. Everyone has to create a bio for series characters, this includes staff as well. No one gets special treatment in this department. And staff won't say anything to you on how you play it and what you do with your series characters unless you're playing them improperly. There's a difference between that and destroying the fourth wall by making a character do something that it wouldn't normally do.

I'm also lenient with original characters as well and you all can play an unlimited supply of them. Just be creative with them and allow others to be able to plot with you. Please. That's all I really ask. Other than that, this is it. I'm generally a nice person that anyone can get along with but I do dislike it when people attempt to take advantage of my kindness and expect too much out of me that I refuse to give. I just don't like that. This applies to RP as well as RL for me. It's not so strange but it would make me different from most people though. Hopefully, everyone can accept that.

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