Kai Nagisa
Kai naigisa


Idiot, Moron, Pervert (all by Daniel & others), Fire Boy


Britannian ½, Haumean ¼, & Valerian ¼




June 15th, 2020 (Possible Birth YR.)




Tsukuba Academy 12th Grade
Kendo Club President


½ Human & Anodite ½


Tokyo, Japan (present & future)



In Kai's own right, he is strong using his magical abilities despite being just a basic level magic user and because he was born into a family where magic runs in the family, he automatically inherited the trait and skills of a magic user. However, his powers are not on the level of an Anodite, which puts him at odds with his younger brother Daniel who is an Anodite and magic freely comes to him where it does not for Kai. As such, he's often challenging his brother to prove that he's stronger than him as well as training to keep his skills up. He's equal in strength to Daniel whenever they have sparred against one another, both can overpower the other given the opportunity and something that Kai can do that Daniel is uses a sword but if his brother wanted to, he could generate one out of mana and use it as if it was a real one.

Kai's someone that isn't distrusting of others either. He's not quick to judge someone just right when he meets them. He enjoys trash-talking when in the midst of battle, for it gets him more pumped up for a good and enjoyable fight. Kai's smart but he's not incredibly intelligent as his younger brother, but he makes fairly decent grades. While he does care for others around him and his heart is in the right place, he's not the most strategic thinker, preferring to go right in to a fight, rather than waste time trying to make plans that will backfire. He's got a lovable and fun personality and he loves flirting with hot girls, even if they won't give him the time of day. He's prideful and believes that he is stronger than anyone and will do just about anything to prove that.

Kai hates hypocritical people who don't follow their own advice, which is something else that puts him and Daniel at odds with one another. While Daniel is the intelligent one who is the observer and thinker, Kai isn't and doesn't feel like he's given enough credit for having been able to help out his brother who basically just ridicules him and insults his intelligence by calling him stupid, his friends also doing the same. Truthfully, he does not hate Anodites but pretends to because he wishes he had been born being able to use magic a little more freely without the use of learning how to do majority of what he does now from books and other materials involving magic. He's quite jealous that his brother is a much stronger magic user and is able to do more than he is. Kai can't perform rituals all that well along with other types of spells that are considered dangerous that in the beginning, Daniel was intrigued with doing but stopped cold turkey in using his powers a lot.

In fact, Kai just wishes to be on equal terms with his brother but is unable to because he keeps pushing him away and not letting him help him and instead trying to do everything himself. He doesn't want to break the promise that he'd made to their mother (Fai in the future), to watch after his brother if they're not really as close as they should be. Despite his jealousy of his brother, he will do what he can to protect him, if he actually lets him do so. Kai is in fact the only person to ever see Daniel truly cry, a secret that he will take to his grave. Kai, though while possessing a cheerful personality, isn't the most popular of the brothers, meaning Daniel has all the friends, he doesn't. His friends dislike him no matter how much he tries to fit in with them. As irritating as it is, he doesn't let it stop him from being himself.


Kai 'Nagisa' is a human born magic user who is an Anodite only through heritage but not in powers and a native to Tokyo, Japan seventeen years into the future with a younger brother named Daniel Nagisa who is a year younger than him who was born with Anodite powers that he inherited from their paternal mother Fai Flourite. He often hang around his brother and his friends Terrance Blackwood and Samantha Manade who played mainly a background role in helping a young girl considered to be a 'Slayer', a hunter of mystical forces named Alina Stewart but when fighting she went under the alias of 'Saint Tail'. Let it be known that 'Nagisa' isn't Kai's real surname but an alias last name that he and his brother uses when they travel from their time to the current present Tokyo in the year of 2012 to stop an impending evil that not only threatens the entirety of a prestigious Japanese institution known as Tsukuba Academy but the entire world as well. The two of them have made it their mission to go back in time to change the events of what is happening in their time so the world will not become overtaken by the shadows of darkness and its ruler. Thus, why Kai and Daniel go on this mission but not much is known about it to others. Only another Anodite named Aphrodite Ada, a female demon named Hecate Reid and a pure blood vampire named Teivel Zahn known the full extent of their mission. It should be most obvious that Daniel's parents are Kurogane and Fai and Mokona and Tami are his stepsisters with Anne being his Aunt.

Terrance and Samantha were Kai's brothers official real friends but he often would tag along with them whenever he wanted to and would often hit on Alina and Samantha, much to his brother's and Terrance's annoyance. In contrast to his younger brother Daniel who was originally an unassertive person as well as your average nerd, Kai was the one out of the two who was more outspoken, forward and not afraid to speak his mind whenever he felt like it. How was Kai born? Let's just say a magical cat girl in the present Tokyo plays a part in their birth in the future. While a male giving birth to a child is illogical as well as unusual, their 'mother' Fai had been the victim of this cat girl's many pranks with her magical candy that swaps age and genders, hinting that all the functions of the candy works. And for that, Kai was born and Daniel a year later after him. Kai was close to his family, even getting along with his older stepsister Mokona who always loved throwing him around but it was all in good fun. Tami found him annoying, much like Daniel did but they weren't at odds with each other like him and his brother was. At a young age, he'd been told about his family roots, so he grew up learning about magic and practicing it but at a much slower rate than his brother who had inherited their mother's Anodite powers and learned magic at a faster rate. That being said, Kai had often resented Daniel because of it.

Everything that Daniel could do, Kai couldn't. Least not very well anyway but that didn't stop him from wanting to be just as strong and powerful as his brother. He learned to fight under the teachings of his father Kurogane, practicing martial arts moves and techniques, both brothers equal in strength and skill but Kai had often been beaten by his younger brother plenty of times which puts a damper in his pride as he feels that Daniel's more of the older brother than himself. At one point, they were close but as they got older, their personalities and powers differed from one another. No matter how much he tried to do things that seemed smart, his brother would always still call him stupid. Their paternal grandmother, Marie Flourite, who's also the current Queen of the Valeria Kingdom was always favorable of Daniel because he possessed what she considered the 'spark' but he always feared her and ran away because she smothered him with too much affection. Marie loves Kai too but she never overly smothered him with affection like she did with his brother. Surprisingly, he didn't get upset at his grandmother whenever she came around and in fact found it amusing that his brother was afraid of something for a change, even if it was Marie.


Moving onto Kai's early school years at junior high students at Tsukuba Academy, the very same school that his stepsisters and aunt attended, Kai was not a nerd for in fact he had more of a playboy type of personality with a dirty sense of humor and was a member of the kendo club. He did have friends of his own but mostly stuck around his brother and his friends, just to be annoying. Kai has had plenty of crushes and not enough dates with girls at school and was the first one to realize that his brother's friend Samantha had a crush on him but were always ignored because Daniel's attention was on other things and people. It was during Kai's seventh year that they all met the new American exchange student from Alina Stewart that both Kai and Terrance had a major crush on. It can be known that these two often bickered with one another over who would be the one to date her first. Samantha was annoyed with the two of them fighting over something so pointless and while Terrance was only joking, he would tell her to stay out of it and that she's just jealous because Alina's much hotter than her. Kai, though can be usually a crude person, would never say that because he knew that Samantha liked his brother and that she was in fact a tad jealous of Alina being around because she assumed that Alina liked Daniel more than just a friend.

Kai and the others discovered Alina's secret of being a slayer when they had to fend off a rogue group of vampires that attacked Daniel's friends (and it can be assumed that Sam and Terrance know of the brothers' powers and family). Alina had also stepped in and fended off the rest of them, realizing that she was classified as a hunter known as a 'Slayer' who dedicates her life to fighting against the forces of evil. After that, they had begun working together, helping to defeat evil beings and other mystical forces. Kai, Daniel and Terrance assisted, the brothers through sparring sessions, Terrance with his advanced computer and hacking skills and Sam being there to help as well with book research but felt she had nothing to offer. They later met Alina's watcher, Neilson Manson who was the school librarian at the time. All of them except Kai and Daniel had disastrous love lives. Terrance falling for a demon computer, Sam a handsome science teacher that turned out to be an insect trying to trap young girls into mating with him and Alina had fallen in love with a vampire named Aiden. Though later Daniel had gone out with a girl named Hitomi Aizawa who was part of a band called 'Mind Over Waste' and turned out to be a werewolf girl. Kai was for the most part glad that his brother was dating, believing him to be nothing more than a stiff that needs to loosen up but at the same time wondered how Sam was holding up with the idea that Daniel was dating someone. They two particularly didn't get along that much but even Sam had to admit that there were some moments of intelligence that Kai had and he was the only one that she could talk to about her feelings for Daniel.

The very first enemy they all had to defeat was a vampire leader and its minions along with a tentacle monster spawning from underneath the school itself due to the vampire leader awakening it. He'd bitten Alina and left her to die but she was saved by Terrance and finished off the vampire leader, concluding Kai's seventh year and his brother and his friend's sixth year with such a disturbing event. Not so much of an enemy but starting off their new year, they had to deal with faculty members disguising themselves as good guys with ulterior motives. During that year of Halloween, Kai thought it'd be a good idea to get his brother to lighten up and try and bond with him as well in his own way by dressing him up as something different, with Sam's help of course. They dressed him up in gothic attire but he steady wore a ghost costume over it all. Thanks to an old friend of Neilson's playing with dark magics to cause trouble, he caused everyone’s personas to change to different ones depending on the costumes they wore. Kai didn't go as anybody and neither did Sam so they were able to at least keep everything and everyone in order somewhat even though Alina's and Terrance's personalities had changed. They were turned back to normal.

After that, Sam had caught Terrance and Maki kissing and was disgusted while wondering why he would involve himself with someone like her who's hated them for as long as they could remember. She'd began taking her frustrations out on him and sometimes Kai because of it and giving her friends the cold shoulder and would hang mostly around Kai which Terrance found to be weird and creepy because he wouldn't consider Kai to be someone who's cool enough to hang around and thought of him as originally a rival for Alina's affections. All of them had dates except Kai and Sam. The two of them had even thought about considering a brief relationship with one another but decided against it. Mainly because they didn't want to do anything to piss Daniel off, despite that it wouldn't have been any of his business if they were to date. Besides, he had a girlfriend of his own, even down to Alina's watcher Neilson was going out with their former computer science teacher named Rida Caid but was murdered by the soulless vampire Aiden who'd returned to his old self. They were going to attempt to return Aiden back to his old self as Rida had tried to but Daniel was knocked unconscious and had to go to the hospital but he managed to recover to perform the ritual with Kai, Hitomi and Sam at his side. While Aiden's soul was restored, it'd been too late and Alina still had to kill him but this had ended their year having to deal with that. Kai had become a ninth year student and started focusing more on his training and his duties to the kendo club members.

Though while everyone was doing their own thing and trying to regain a sense of normalcy in their lives, Alina was secretly seeing Aiden who had somehow managed to return from the hell dimension he'd come from. Sam and Terrance were pissed because of how Aiden had terrorized their lives when he'd gone on a killing spree with his obsession with her when he wasn't in his right mind. Kai was a little ticked off as well but didn't show it. He'd only react if he tried to do anything to harm them all or anyone else they cared about again, so Kai was always on guard when it came to Aiden. Neither he nor Terrance liked the vampire but it can be known that Terrance showed more hatred for Aiden that Kai did. That was before he'd started dating Maki. The gang had later discovered a secret underground lab underneath the school and the reasons behind why it was built. Due to this discovery, they'd started being targeted by the Headmaster of the academy after the first two headmasters had been killed. The Headmaster had a particular interested in Daniel but decided that to get to the boy, he would try and turn his brother against him, make them fight against one another to prove which one is stronger. But it didn't work. While Kai and Daniel had their differences, they understood that there was a time for the senseless arguments that they had and a time to fight was what was truly important. They had deceived the Headmaster by pretending that they were going to fight one another but did not, they attacked the Headmaster but did not succeed in defeating him.

It was just the first step. Everyone was in fear of their lives because the Headmaster was going to kill them all. Sam still went to Kai to talk because she was still bothered by his brother's relationship with Hitomi and they both started joking around about how they were going to die as virgins. Well, she knew that she would always die not knowing what her future would truly be like but joked saying they could at least ride out their deaths in style by fighting as hard as they can to defeat the Headmaster. Instead of using his dirty humor to ruin the moment he just kissed Sam and told her that they're not going to die. That moment became awkward for them because she knew that Kai liked Alina even though she was too busy pining after a vampire that was trying to kill them all but Sam knew that Kai had his moments of restraint in his emotions … sometimes, unlike Terrance. They never spoke of this moment with the others and they faced the Headmaster, who'd been a demon that wanted to take over the world, had been defeated. Both Daniel and Kai survived the fight, remaining at each other’s side. With that year ending, a new Headmaster had taken over and began running the school.

Daniel had broken up with Hitomi who left after deciding it was best if she had because of her infidelity with another werewolf, Terrance and Maki had broken up and Maki had left the school itself and transferred to another one and Aiden had left town for good, leaving Alina heartbroken. For the most part, things had returned to normal, in a sense. Kai was glad that Sam was able to talk to her friends on a normal basis without the topic of relationships being thrown into the mix and Kai himself continued his usual flirting ways and dirty perverted jokes, which earned him a slap from various girls in his tenth grade year. His brother had gotten into another relationship sometime later with a mage in the same power level as Kai named Heike Virgil. Kai immediately became worried because he knew that Sam still had feelings for Daniel but surprisingly, she found this to be pretty cool or at least she said she was cool with it but he believed otherwise and knew that she was lying to him but didn't press. All the while, none of them were off the hook as this new Headmaster was just as evil as the first and to power himself up, he would 'brain-suck' the energy out of people and when he'd done this to Heike, a grief-stricken Daniel had tried to stop him on his own but was defeated and Kai thought that his brother wasn't going to do anything stupid but he should've known that he would and he and Alina managed to get him away from the Headmaster in time before he tried to kill him and Kai punched the hell out of his brother for what he'd tried to do.

This Headmaster too was defeated but Alina had died in the process but Heike's mind was restored. Kai and Daniel had visited Alina's former lover in America to inform him that she'd died but instead of letting her rest in peace, she'd been brought back to life through a powerful ritual. It was then that Kai and Sam had noticed the difficulties in Daniel's relationship with Heike when they would argue about him relying on magic too much to do everything. They eventually broke up because of it and Daniel had gained an addiction to magic to get over his loneliness. And because of his addiction, he ended up putting Sam in danger after unwillingly summoning a demon that Kai had to take out himself. His brother apologized and realized that he needed help and Kai, in his own sympathetic way punched the hell out of his brother, calling him a sorry excuse for an Anodite who didn't deserve the powers he had to be doing stupid shit with them. He wanted to stop using magic to solve his problems and do things the old fashioned way and Kai made sure that he did and got rid of everything magic related in their dorm room, even down to books on magic to be able to help him. All of them had begun digging deeper into the history of Tsukuba Academy and discovered that the lab underneath the school was used to experiment on students and decided to investigate further into it.

They would have to be careful of traps but what they didn't realize that the Headmaster NEWER one that used to be the Vice Headmaster had gotten wind of what they were doing and had decided to instill little moles to be his eyes and ears. Just ordinary students with nothing special about them but they dabbled in forces that they didn't understand. One of them had managed to kill Heike after he and Daniel reconciled their differences and in doing so caused a disturbance in the force if you want to call it that and Daniel had turned evil, absorbing all the dark magic text that Neilson had left behind and used his new found powers to skin the Headmaster's mole alive. Kai, Alina, Terrance and Sam all witnessed this and were completely horrified. Kai knew that there was no way that his brother would be able to completely come back from all of this knowing that he'd taken a life, something that he normally wouldn't do. The Headmaster's two other moles Skye and Leo were running for their lives because Daniel was going to kill them next. Terrance and Sam were told to get them someplace safe wile Alina and Kai stayed back to keep Daniel from killing them, however he was completely bested by his brother's overwhelming strength. Daniel had managed to not only killed the Headmaster who had provoked this side of him but also destroyed the entire school of Tsukuba Academy in the process of doing so.

Kai was the one that was able to stop his brother from destroying everything. Daniel attacked him and the more he did, the more his powers got weaker and weaker, breaking down over his actions and finally grieving over Heike's death as he'd reverted back to his self with Kai embracing him. Because their school had been destroyed, everyone had to attend different schools, most of them leaving the country to attend school abroad in other places around the world. Kai had been enrolled into Juuban Municipal Academy along with Daniel's friends but Daniel had been taken to the place in which their mother Fai had been originally born and that was the Valeria Kingdom, to deal with his actions, his connection to magic and everything in the world. Under the recommendation of their grandmother Marie, Daniel had been enrolled into Celestia’s School for Gifted Children. Kai felt bored that he had no one to yell at with his brother in Valeria but even he was glad that he returned, Sam the one hugging him first. Because of everything that'd happened with Tsukuba Academy, Daniel thought it best to travel back in time to prevent the continuing paths of evil that were associated with the headmasters of the school. To change the events of the present so that the future doesn't turn out like it did. Terrance and Sam wanted to go with him but he said no but Kai wasn't going to let Daniel do something stupid all by himself. Kurogane told him to make sure his brother does and Fai told him to watch out for his brother.

Though before they had left, Daniel had tried to halve his powers but ended up creating an evil female clone of himself that wanted to kill him and anyone that stood in her way. She was defeated and reabsorbed but Kai felt weak because the evil clone managed to best him and that his brother was able to so easily take her out. Upon their travel to the present day Tokyo of 2012, they'd met many different people, all of which hung out with Kai's brother of course and unlike Terrance, Sam and Alina who at least tolerated him for the most part, the friends that Daniel made in the present didn't like him at all. They enrolled themselves at students at Tsukuba Academy and keep their mission very low key but as of late, Kai has strayed off course and gone on hating his brother and Anodites, following behind a young girl named Trixie Diaspro who later became Maxwell Blackwell's girlfriend. Kai had a crush on Trixie so he doesn't take too well of the idea that she's going out with Max but doesn't interfere because he knows it won't last long anyway.

Since their mission began, Kai's played a lesser part in it and hates that Daniel's trying to do everything on his own and not letting him help. He hasn't forgotten their mission but doesn't take too kindly of not being able to do anything. He feels he's just as strong as his brother and can be of great help but he still constantly gets ridiculed and treated like a moron. He wants to keep his promise to their parents to watch over Daniel but is finding it to be hard when his brother's being difficult and uptight about everything. He continues his training and even joined the kendo club to keep his mind occupied when they don't have to fight anything par say. He is getting much better in using magic but Kai's skills lie in fire magic and swords and he knows that his brother can't use swords and can best him at them but Daniel tries to avoid it because swords aren't his thing. He still continues to hang around Trixie whom he's just letting do her own thing as he finds her to be entertaining as well as cute, despite her extreme dislike of him.


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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Fire Manipulation MagicEdit

Kai has the power of Pyrokinesis that allows him to regularly and magically manipulate fire at will. He can control and move the flames, including the shape, heat and even color; that said; pretty much everything with this power comes down to Burn It. This is very aggressive power allowing several powerful attacks, but it is some ways the most vulnerable as well, given that fire doesn't exist in itself and needs other elements. Kai is not only able to control regular fire but blue fire which is an advanced version of regular Pyrokinesis as well which is a rare ability that most train extensively to achieve whereas Kai, due to his magical background was able to generate it easily. It is not different than controlling mana but much more destructive. It can also be known as Blue Pyrokinesis.

  • Roar of the Fire Dragon - A magic circle appears in the form of fire as places both of his hands to his mouth that he uses to breathe a long line of immense fire that becomes a large fireball at his opponent and if they're hit with it, they are easily burned, leaving their body completely covered in burn marks. When Kai and Daniel temporarily switched bodies, Daniel was able to use this ability to try and stop his brother and Trixie and because of his own training with magic and having Anodite powers, the attack was more potent when Daniel used it.
  • Claw of the Fire Dragon - A spell that enables Kai to ignite his feet with flames and proceeds to assault his opponent with a fire-enhanced kick with the flames granting more power and speed. He can create flames on his feet to greatly enhance his speed to allow him to jet-propel in any direction he wishes. This is also helpful when in battle, as he can get closer much faster towards his opponents. Daniel used this ability, able to manipulate it the same way he did mana to create a slide made of fire that he could use to get down from high places.
  • Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon - Another fire spell that engulfs Kai's fist in flames, he then punches his opponent, causing damage alongside burning them. This attack can be done with both hands at once.

Blue PyrokinesisEdit

A more advanced version of regular Pyrokinesis that allows Kai to control blue flames that are far more intense than ordinary fire that is intense in temperature but given that Kai is also a mage, the power of his blue fire also contains magical properties. He's been known to use these flames to create jets of flames, whirling disks and blades of fire. He can also use two fingers rather than a closed fist or open hand to produce blue fire and use it in combat. He's able to produce greater amount of flames but this tires him out quickly. When enraged, he doesn't tire out as fast and he can maintain successive amounts of assaults for long periods of time. He's demonstrated the ability of condensing the flames to be able to cut clean through objects. He's formed the flames into blue fireballs that can pulverize objects like stone. The depths of Kai’s potential in controlling blue fire have not been seen by others except his brother Daniel, whom he strives to become stronger than. Kai can create blasts of flame and evaporate larges waves of water using the flames to propel himself like a jet.

  • Shield of the Fire Dragon - Concentrating hard enough, Kai is able to generate powerful shields of swirling blue flames that can withstand the force of at least two elemental attacks (and a boomerang). In comparison to most fire users, the shield is weak because Kai hasn't been able to fully master the truth strength of it but it is still strong enough to protect himself and others around him.
  • Exploding Blue Flame Blade - Kai generates torrents of blue flames from his arms which move to hit his opponents in a spiraling formation. Each connecting strike seems to generate a powerful, burning explosion.


Kai has only shown small abilities in being able to fight using the power of electricity. This was temporarily heightened when he was in his brother's body through the use of mana manipulation. On his own, he's only been known to do at least two electrical moves, anything beyond that backfires because fire is more of his elemental magic than electricity is.

  • Lightning Roar of the Fire Dragon - A fire and lightning based spell that is an enhanced version of the 'Roar of the Fire Dragon' spell. He combines fire and lightning with his fire, gathering them within his mouth and releasing it towards his opponent. It is generated in the form of an extremely large and destructive sparking blast that produces an immense amount of light and can travel for great distances. Because this is the mixing of two elements, this attack takes a strain on Kai's body that drains him the more he uses it. Which isn't often and is only used as a last resort.
  • Lightning Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon - Another fire and lightning based spell where he creates a sphere of lightning and fire around his fist and uses it to strike his opponent, electrocuting and damaging them in the process. He can also combine these two elements in a manner of first punching his opponent using fire and then consecutively have a lightning bolt strike them.

Enhanced StrengthEdit

Kai has shown on numerous occasions to possess the same high degree of strength like his brother to where he's able to perform such strong elemental magic attacks and physical attacks. Considering that he and his brother often get into physical attacks a lot, especially when Daniel is annoyed with him, he is able to with stand the attacks on equal footing despite his brother's smaller frame. Kai has proven himself to be incredibly durable. He has managed to take continual, deadly assaults from foes and continue fighting.

Hand to Hand CombatEdit

Kai is a proficient unarmed fighter, often using his powers combination with punches, kicks, and even head butts to combat his opponents to great effect along with great physical prowess. Aside from his strength, he's displayed a degree of great speed, agility and reflexes, enough for him to match and keep up with others in battle. When fighting against Daniel, they're both equal in skill but sometimes ending with him being beaten by his brother.

Skilled SwordsmanEdit

Kai is very proficient at the art of the sword, combining both practical skill and magic into his techniques in using his chosen blade, a fire augmented katana called Hien.


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