Welcome to the Love Hina Generation wiki. We are a welcoming and open community. That means that if anyone wishes to join, feel free. No matter your RP experience, for RPing with us will help you to learn to expand more in your writing on top of having fun with it. There are a lot of Love Hina canons available and canons from other animes are welcome. As long as you make them fit into the current site's universe. So come and join us with your characters to find everlasting love and friendships.

As a note, unless you're a member of the site, we ask that you please don't randomly edit our pages adding information that is not relevant to what's happened onto the site. Just because many characters and elements are recognizable to other series, doesn't mean we fully follow it. Sometimes we change things due to plotting, that said, editing pages of characters that aren't your characters or just editing pages to add information is highly annoying to go back and remove it all. So please, don't casually go about editing our pages. We don't mind if you look, you're free to do that but no touching our pages anymore. Much appreciated.

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Naru Narusegawa is the deuteragonist of Love Hina. Naru is reliable, kind, caring, and responsible, In contrast, Naru is characterized by her short temper and physically aggressive nature when irritated. Naru's hair antenna has since become a signature appearance that is synonymous with her character. [Read more]

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Fall is ringing in as summer leaves us. You know what that means? Yes, that's right, SCHOOL! It begins Aug 15th for all schools. Get the classes you want before they're all filled! Make sure your characters dress according to the weather. There is also a possible revival of the Sailor Moon arc involving the Princess of Disaster so we will keep everyone posted on that. Another thing, if anyone is having trouble logging into the site and staying logged in because there are too many ads and it is kicking you off or freezing up your browsers, it is suggested of everyone to install Adblock Plus to your browsers and it blocks all ads. Hopefully that helps your experience on the site to be a little more fun-filled without ads getting in the way.
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