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June 14th, 1991




Former Resistance Members
The Black Knights
Knightmare Pilot


Haumea Kingdom



Since Mamiko is so very intelligent, she is very skilled in computers, having being able to hack into any computer system with ease, especially if its security sucks. And Mamiko loves to read, always having a novel at hand when she has some free time. She's also good at cooking various types of meals like Italian Pasta, Broccoli and Cheese, and Cherry Chocolate Cobbler with homemade ice cream. She also does a little cleaning here and there or just does it to keep herself preoccupied. Mamiko also knows how to pilot a knightmare frame which is called the 'Aisurando' which means 'Iceland'.

Though Mamiko's powers seem strong, a few of them require so much of her energy to be used and of course when her energy is taken from her due to an attack, she is instantly drained because of it. Like regular water and ice her powers have a weakness to fire. When up against a pyrokinetic, her powers are pretty much useless since fire melts her ice powers. Though small little fire accidents are no problem for Mamiko to handle. Also, she is in love with Mamoru Eu Britannia and because she is Haumean, she secretly sees him in deserted parts of Britannia, mostly in the ghettos for she knows that his family would never accept their being together. So in reality, it hurts that she has to hide the fact that she's in love with one of the Britannian Princes. That includes every one of her friends that's part of the Black Knights and even her commander Zero.


Mamiko was born into the Suzuki family of four other siblings, two sisters and two brothers, that were raised in the Hiiaka Castle within the Haumea Kingdom. Out of all her siblings, she was the most quiet and semi-athletic that attended the Namaka Academy at the Namaka Castle. She was friends with Darius Fletcher and Rina Choshi in her early life. She was a very intelligent girl being one that always stayed at the top of her classes always. The Namaka Academy was also where she met Rin-Rin and her brother Lirin Hatsune. Her and Rin-Rin would often spar with each other to learn to control and perfect their powers and other such abilities that they may have had. Mamiko's powers were ice related and often didn't get work against a pyromaniac like Rin-Rin. But she didn't let that discourage her. It'd only made Mamiko want to try harder to become stronger. And while putting her time and focus on strengthening her powers, she also became a whiz with computers, using her two computerized sleeves on both of her arms to be able to hack through any computer system throughout the solar system.

Though it all depended on what planet kingdoms were technology based for not all of them are. And Haumea was a technology based kingdom for it had inventions and other such devices that other kingdoms didn't. An example is the invention of Knightmare Frames, which were only used in case a war broke out. But other than that, they were rarely used, however, those that wanted to learn how to pilot one, were always more than welcome to learn. Even those that worked under the king and queen of Haumea operated particular knightmares of their own.

Mamiko was of no specific type of nobility, just a regular normal citizen of the peaceful Haumea Kingdom. However, that peacefulness was ended when Britannia invaded, coming in full force with what little technology they had and destroyed everything. Even her family was killed in the process. Mamiko joined Darius, Rina, Rin-Rin, Lirin and many others as the resistance against Britannia to stop them and run them out of their home. But to much avail, Britannia won the war and stripped everything from the Haumeans in order to make their own selves more comfortable while forcing the current inhabitants of Haumea into a lifestyle of poverty, racism and ripping them of their dignity to where they're now called 'Elevens'. As for what happened to Mamiko after the fight between the resistance and the Britannians, her old knightmare frame ended up damaged while she fought a Britannian solider and while she managed to eject herself from the knightmare, however, when it landed, she ended up being knocked unconscious and eclectically shocked, which caused her computerized sleeves to be damaged and useless.

And because of this, the surviving resistance members could not find her body and a few others that'd gone missing in the war. So, they assumed that she was dead. But thankfully, she was found by two of the Britannian Princes, Mamoru Eu Britannia and Yui La Britannia. It was only a few days after the war she was still left there out cold. It was obvious to the both of them that she was an eleven but given that Yui and his brother Fai had rescued a resistance member himself, he showed some sympathy for Mamiko. As for Mamoru, he was one that was still confused on what to believe and what he felt was right and wrong. But he knew it was wrong to just leave her there and so he kindly and yet secretly carried her back to the Britannian Palace, cleaned her up and treated her wounds.

She awoke about a week later, not knowing where she was or how she even got there but one thing she was surprised was, that she was alive. It was then that Prince Mamoru greeted her seeing as how she finally woke up after being asleep for so many days. She was, obviously shy around him but eventually asked him who he was and where was she. He gladly told her and at first she was afraid, even tempted to sneak out and leave in fear that her life would be taken if any of his siblings or the Emperor of Britannia found out that she was at the palace, but the more she stayed there, the more her fear slowly begin to subside. And her and Mamoru became friends, despite the fact that he was a Britannian Prince but Mamiko felt that he wasn't like all his other siblings or his father for that matter.

He'd even told her about a resistance member that his brothers took in, sheltered and gave her a new name. She didn't believe him at first but when she saw who it was, Mamiko was more than shocked. But instead of being held against her will like Tami Kanon, renamed Prima, Mamiko was free to leave anytime she wished to. But she didn't want to leave Tami behind. However she had no choice since she didn't have the resources she needed to get the young girl out of there without getting caught and having them both executed. And over the course of that time she spent in the palace, hiding and not getting caught, she'd begun to develop feelings for the young Prince Mamoru. But she knew his family would never accept her and she didn't know how he felt towards her.

So, once she'd gotten better, she asked Mamoru of a favor to do for her. The favor was that in the events that she left, he was to make sure that Tami was safe until she was able to come back and get her out, and provide her with a brand new knightmare frame. He didn't ask questions nor protest, he did what she asked of him but in return he wanted her to promise that she'd try and come back and see him some time. Mamiko answered him with the response of she'd think about it and with that she'd taken her leave. And three years up to now she's been living on her own and has been attending the Brevard Academy while also search for the other resistance members in the process. She is still willing to fight to bring peace to their home and her motivation to fight is the loss of her family.


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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Computerized Sleeve - Mamiko did once have a computerized sleeve. Two of them in fact but during the last war they both got destroyed and though she could've easily fixed them, she decided not to for she figured the Britannians would use it as a way to find out where she was since she ended up surviving.
  • Using Powers at Will - Mamiko has a couple other abilities related to her powers that she use at will anytime she wants to that doesn't require much of her energy. Those powers would be an ice breath ability which allows her to blow cool ice like breeze over anything in particular. Mostly she uses this to stop random small fires that Rin-Rin ends up start in the kitchen of the Black Knights base. Another is just moving her hand swiftly over a certain object and it becomes encased in ice. Sort of similar to ice coffin but less destructive.
  • Koori no tate! - This attack translates to mean 'Ice Shield' which Mamiko's eyes start out glowing bright light blue as she holds her arms and hands out in front of her, creating a shield of ice that she can use to protect herself as well as others. The only downside is, the shield only lasts for fifteen minutes and it weakens with each passing second.
  • Koori no kan! - This attack translates to mean 'Ice Coffin', an ability that allows Mamiko to trap her opponent or an object within a coffin of ice by just pointing her index finger at her target at just the right moment.
  • Koori no bakuhatsu! - An attack that translates to mean 'Ice Blast' gives Mamiko the ability to shoot a huge sphere of power in the form of ice out of either of her hands and at her opponent.
  • Hokkyoku Supaiku! - An attack that translates to mean 'Arctic Spikes' is more defensive than offensive. This requires Mamiko to spread her arms out beside her and shield herself by having spikes of ice circle themselves around her and throughout an entire area depending on her current level of strength. However this ability it weak against any aerial attacks.

Knightmare FrameEdit

Mamiko knightmare




RPI-11 Royal Panzer Infantry Glasgow


The Black Knights


Slash Harken x2
Assault Rifle x1
Tonfa x2
Stun Gun x2
Giant Cannon x1
Factsphere Sensor



Special ArmamentEdit

The Glasgow's armament includes Slash Harkens, Stun Guns, Tonfas, and a hand-held assault rifle.

Special SystemsEdit

Landspinner Propulsion System and Cockpit Ejection System.


It provides an overwhelming tactical advantage over conventional combat vehicles.


Because of the lightness of this particular Knightmare, it can be easily overpowered by stronger and more advanced frames. An example would be the fifth and ninth generation Knightmares and their custom weapons and added systems can easily overpower a frame such as this one.


TheAisurando is a fourth generation Knightmare Frame that was the first to be used in actual combat. It was the basis for the various Knightmare Frames that are developed later. The Britannia Kingdom used them as their main weapon when they conquered the Haumea Kingdom. They completely crushed the ordinary weapons Japan used. Currently it is an old model, as one can see from the declining number of use in the field. It is equipped with STUN-TONGPHER, SLASH-HARKEN, and ASSAULT RIFLE. While it may appear strong depending on the opponents it faces, it is quite weak compared to the fifth and ninth models. This frame was given to Black Knights' member Mamiko Suzuki by the Third Prince of Britannia, Mamoru Eu Britannia. It can easily overpower combat vehicles.


  • Mamiko actually showed a small dislike towards Villetta Nu when she was experiencing amnesia due to the fact that before she'd knocked the woman out, she'd sent in a large group of Britannian Military soldiers to attack the Black Knights hideout and kill them. It had nothing to do with Villetta being Britannian but rather there was no telling when she'd regain her memories and attack them.

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