Mutsumi Otohime


Mu-chan, Mutsumi-chan, Turtle Girl






March 03rd, 1978




Domino High School (formerly)
Todai University 04th yr. (currently)
Print Club Member


Works at the Sumida Aquarium as a Lab Researcher Member


Room 015


Okinawa, Japan (formerly)
Domino, Japan (formerly)
Tokyo, Japan (currently)
Hinata Girls Dormitory



Mutsumi loves matchmaking her friends together if she feels that they in some sort of strange way ‘belong’ with one another, despite the two people she’s trying to pair, don’t feel the same way, much less like each other for that matter. She tries her best to find ways for them to get to know one another while hanging with them at the same time. But as much as she enjoys matchmaking, she also enjoys making friends with virtually anyone while offering them a watermelon as a token of her friendship. It doesn’t matter if the person is just downright mean and nasty towards her or if they’re nice and sweet, she will always consider that person a friend. Examples of this are how she basically dubbed herself Jasmine Tsukino’s friend despite the girl not caring too much for her at first.

Another is Ami Mizuno and Seto Kaiba, though Ami was evil at the time she disliked her and Seto doesn’t like anybody but at the very least tolerated her because she was the only person besides Mokuba that never snapped at him for being rude to her. Mutsumi’s also incredibly intelligent, probably more intelligent than Naru and Keitaro put together. She was smart enough to deduce that Jasmine and her friends were Sailor Senshi but promised that she wouldn’t tell their identities to anyone she felt she didn’t trust. As such, this makes her one of many of the Sailor Senshi’s allies, despite the fact that she doesn’t have any powers. Aside from all of that, she also seems to possess incredible luck an example of this would be her playing games or sports without even trying hard enough to win them.

Mutsumi, while incredibly smart as she's able to easily pass her classes and tests with flying colors, have a tendency to forget to put her name on her assignments due to her anemia causing her to forget to do so (or passing out). When Mutsumi does pass out (having an unexpected fainting spell moment), she has a tendency to appear as if she's died when she hasn't, causing others to panic and worry about her. She doesn't mean to but she tries to assure others that she's fine. She has a habit of sticking her nose where it doesn't belong, this lying under the category of matchmaking, something she enjoys doing quite often. She attempted to get Jasmine and Seto together as well as Naru and Keitaro but it didn't work because Naru hated Keitaro's guts, as did Jasmine with Seto at the time.

This caused her to often get yelled at by the two girls even though she meant no harm and only wanted to see them happy. However, she doesn't realize that people can be happy on their own by finding the ones that they truly love and not someone that others want them to love. Mutsumi doesn't like to see others unhappy and will go out of her way to make them feel better. When they're unhappy, she's unhappy too. Another thing that she does but doesn't realize is unintentionally flirting with her friends, whether they are male or female. She's shown on many occasions hints of bisexuality that she's not ashamed of and tends to call her friends cute which create moments of awkwardness.


Mutsumi is 5’6’’ with longer dark brown hair that is always braided and light brown eyes. She’s has a very pale skin complexion, mainly due to her physical fragility as she’s often prone to anemic fainting at unexpected times. The most noticeable trait about Mutsumi is her incredibly large bust size as she appears to be much larger than Naru, ranging at, at least a D cup, which isn’t surprising that she was drooled over a lot when attending grade school and high school. For casual attire, she’s usually seen wearing long and no sleeved shirts, dresses, skirts, and shorts with sandals, platform shoes or sneakers.


Mutsumi Otohime is a clumsy as well as scatter-brained, but in actuality, is a smart and mature young woman for being twenty-four years old. She grew up and lived on a small island off the coast near the main island of Okinawa west of its capital Naha but moved to Tokyo for school. Her family used to work at the Hinata Sou Inn where as children, she, Keitaro Urashima and Naru Narusegawa made a promise to one day attend Todai University together. During a play session, Mutsumi enacts a promise that all three of them would enter Todai, further encouraging Naru to make the same promise again with Keitaro one year later, giving Naru her Liddo-kun doll. Mutsumi’s mother, Natsumi moved to an island near Okinawa, Mutsumi went with her, eventually becoming the oldest of seven other siblings.

Despite her clumsy nature, she is anemic and has incredibly good luck when it comes to life changing events always coming out all right in the end with only just a few bruises here and there. But because she is anemic, she has a tendency to fall victim to fainting spells, where if she falls down, runs into things, or just generally gets into injurious situations, she automatically recovers from them quickly. She doesn’t realize that this illness of hers causes others to that know her, to freak out while wondering what the hell is wrong with her or thinking they’ve killed her when they’ve only just bumped into her accidentally to where she passes out in a death-like state with no discernible pulse. It becomes apparent that this illness is passed onto her from her mother who is also anemic as well, going through the same accident prone situations that her daughter does on a daily basis. She comes from a large family of eight children, all of her siblings younger than herself and her parents stay home in their hotel they manage together to take care of them all.

When Mutsumi moved to Tokyo, the reasons behind it was she dreamt of attending Todai University once she graduated from grade school, but to do so, she realized that she had to study hard just to get in and wasn't going to allow her illness to keep her from doing so. The second reason for trying to get into Todai was because of the childhood promise she'd made to Keitaro and Naru both when they were little. However, she ended up forgetting that she made a promise to both of them and couldn't remember which one she made the promise to exactly and because of it, she believed that by attending the schools in Tokyo, she would find them and reenact the promise from when they were children. Besides her obvious clumsiness, she is unique in other ways. For instance, she can speak a language that she calls 'turtlese' because of the hot springs turtle Tama-chan that she owns. However, she often claims that she can't understand what he's saying but pretends that she can and is almost always seen with him on her shoulder or on the top of her head. Then there was this one time she used a method for beginning and end of the year exams that involved the sides of a pencil that actually got her through her class assignments, managing to pass, but just barely.

She's also known for having a strange streak of luck with games and sports, not even having to try at all but she wins at them anyway but never brags because she just likes to have fun and make friends. There are times when she can appear seemingly oblivious to the elements of his surroundings such as the scarcity of the furnishings of her dorm room where a kotatsu is the only element of furniture she owns and watermelons are one of the main items she purchases from the story with the money she she makes working at the Sumida Aquarium as a Lab Researcher. Mutsumi is extremely fond of watermelons and loves giving them to people as a token of her friendship. Mutsumi also likes matchmaking her friends together with one another if she believes they deserve or 'destined' to be with one another, much to their annoyance. She's also shown signs of bisexuality as she's kissed another female before out of kindness for helping her find her way. While it was just nothing more than a kiss of friendship to her, others tend to get embarrassed or angry when she does it. Some also confuse it with flirting and it a way it can be but she does not see it that way or realize it as she is just making friends with people. Word to the wise, she likes addressing her friends with nicknames using part of their name but adding honorific suffixes like '-kun', '-chan', '-san', '-sama', 'kohai' or 'sempai'. This is just her way of acknowledging her friendship with someone. Overall, Mutsumi is a really nice person to get acquainted with. She might get into your business but she means no harm by it.


Attending Domino High SchoolEdit

Following her pursuit in striving to get into Todai University, she took the entrance exam in the year of 2008 only to fail in her attempt to make it in because of the simple fact that she fainted, woke up and turned in her test but forgot to check it to see if she put her name on it and she hadn't, causing her to fail. So, after failing, she'd left Tokyo and traveled to the city of Domino where she decided that by enrolling herself back into high school despite being a year older than her classmates, she would be able to overcome her illness and remember to put her name on her tests. She knew she was not stupid but she could not help the random moments she lost consciousness. While in Domino, Japan, she attended Domino High School, meeting people such as Usagi Tsukino and Jasmine Tsukino along with their friends Rei Hino, Ami Mizuno and the Tsukino twins' cousin, Ryoko Kajimotou. She interacted more with Jasmine, Ami and Rei, while at the same time discovering that they were Sailor Senshi who were only in Domino investigating a string of attacks on the lives of the innocent, that lead them to an enemy that had no physical body whatsoever but possessed the bodies of others and forced them to do its bidding. This enemy had no name but it took great pleasure in pitting two Senshi against one another.

Senshi vs. SenshiEdit

The Senshi involved were Ami and Jasmine who had become evil, one to save the other and the other to kill. Ami became evil because she believed that Jasmine had taken everything away from her that she deserved, having slept with CEO of Kaiba Corp, Seto Kaiba which Mutsumi didn't find out until later when her and Keitaro (whom she'd crossed paths with in Domino because Naru had punched him so hard he flew to another town) came to the Kaiba Mansion to visit Seto and his younger brother Mokuba. Jasmine was also there in order to ask Seto had anything happened between them the night they hung out which it had but he covered it up by not telling her that they were intimate with one another. When Ami found out, everyone in their class began to turn against Jasmine but Mutsumi stuck by her side during the whole ordeal. In the end, Jasmine was killed at the hands of Seto who had been possessed by the very evil unnamed entity that was causing trouble in town and Ami had been restored to her normal self but rendered depressed and guilty. Jasmine was later reborn and she, along with her sister, Ami, Keitaro and herself had returned to Tokyo.

Return to Tokyo, JapanEdit

The Tsukino twins had returned to attending Juuban Municipal Academy while Mutsumi worked on studying again for the Todai University exams. For the most part, things had appeared to return to a sense of normalcy or so Mutsumi believed. She hadn't expected for things to get worse for another evil had emerged and was causing trouble in Tokyo but at the same time was specifically targeting the Sailor Senshi, especially Jasmine, for her baby's power.

Queen Ria's AttackEdit

She'd gotten unintentionally caught up in it when a brainwashed Ami attempted to kill her and had somewhat succeeded but was brought back to life by fellow Guardian Angel, Kel Guard. Naru was another that had fallen victim to Ami but her star seed was removed and drained of its power rather than her just being stabbed and killed. The whole ordeal was over after about nine months of being bothered by an evil woman known as Queen Ria and finally things had officially returned to normal. Mutsumi had managed to pass her Todai entrance exam along with Naru, Keitaro and Jasmine and all of them became Todai University Students. She began focusing all of her attention on obtaining her Bachelor's Degree of Science in Marine Biology, which she has almost succeeded in doing so. She did an abroad internship that had her to be placed on an island for five months doing a study for one of her classes and came back to finish up her fourth year at Todai University. Overall, Mutsumi still the same happy-go-lucky, clumsy and still very much anemic young woman, something that hasn't and probably never will change about her, as it is part of her unique charm. As for her promise to get into Todai, though it has been field, she's not worrying anymore about trying to figure out whom she made the promise to. She's just happy that she got in and will go wherever life takes her.


Jasmine TsukinoEdit

Despite not initially and officially becoming friends with her, she was there for moral support whenever the woman needed someone to talk to. After awhile, Jasmine warmed up to Mutsumi and was able to call her a good supportive friend, something that she needed more than anything. Mutsumi had already known that Jasmine was a Sailor Senshi after having met and spoken to her a few times before becoming relatively close. At the same time, she isn't aware that Jasmine feels bad that she is often targeted by Senshi enemies.

Ami MizunoEdit

Ami and Mutsumi never interacted that much, not on good terms anyway. The two times that Ami was evil, when it came to Mutsumi, all she wanted to do was kill her. After she'd been turned back to her normal self, she avoided Mutsumi because of her close friendship with Jasmine, believing that the woman thought of her as a horrible person due to all the pain and trouble she's caused her friends as well as others. But given the type of person Mutsumi is, she never truly hated Ami, but only felt worry for her and would do her best to try and cheer Ami up as much as she possibly could while hoping that she'd consider the two of them friends. Since Ami's marriage to Raito and her having her daughter Amilia, the two do still talk but it is only when Ami comes around the dorms for a visit.

Seto KaibaEdit

Seto of course thought of Mutsumi as annoying because of her happy go lucky personality and continued to treat her just as rudely and poorly as he did towards Yuugi and his friends. After everything that happened, she remained relatively nice to him and as such, he came to tolerate her because she is the only other person besides his younger brother Mokuba, that never snapped at him or insulted him no matter how cruel he was towards her.

Usagi TsukinoEdit

Mutsumi didn't have that much interaction with Usagi who ultimately made it a point to avoid the dorms and generally everyone that lived there. She didn't feel comfortable being there for reasons she wouldn't tell anybody and while Mutsumi makes it a point to make others feel welcome and wanted around the dorms, Usagi didn't feel that way. In fact, she felt forced, or so she believed. Now that Usagi lives at the dorms, she pretty much stays to herself and Mutsumi will speak to her should they run into one another and deep down hopes that Usagi will return to being the happy person that she once was.

Naru NarusegawaEdit

Both she and Naru used to play together when they were kids but unfortunately Naru doesn't remember this and neither does Mutsumi either but they have seemed to have crossed paths many a time over the years since Mutsumi's been a frequent resident at the Hinata Sou Inn. The two are good friends despite Mutsumi's persistance in trying to pair Naru off with Keitaro, much to her annoyance. She, Naru and Keitaro all were childhood friends and as such they made a promise together to get into Todai University. Though when Mutsumi and her mother returned to their home in Okinawa, Naru and Keitaro remade this promise together with one another, making her Keitaro's promise girl, however, Naru doesn't remember this.

Keitaro UrashimaEdit

Like Naru, Mutsumi and Keitaro also played together when they were younger, the three of them all together in a little sandbox. They all made a promise to get into Todai University together when they were little, but after Mutsumi left with her mother to go back to their home, Keitaro and Naru made the same promise with one another but after so many years, Keitaro had forgotten just what his promise girl looked like and only remembered, although barely, the face of the little girl he'd made a promise with. He has tried on some levels to admit his feelings to Naru but considering hwo difficult of a person she is and very uninterested in him, he has sought to pursue Mutsumi, which she ultimately doesn't mind but at the same time, doesn't feel as if she deserves him.

Unique AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced DurabilityEdit

Mutsumi has the most incredible durability that no matter how much she gets banged up or injured, she miraculously gets back up without so much as a broken bone. Examples of this would be her falling down stairs, which has happened on many occasions, and not once did she break anything and bumping into other people, constantly passing out under bodies of water only to be revived when pulled out. It is unexplained as to WHY Mutsumi is not DEAD YET and can sustain so many close calls and still be alive.


  • Mutsumi says “Ara” ("oh my") a lot.
  • Mutsumi has a fixation on watermelons and kotatsu tables but it is toned down immensely to where she's not completely obsessed with them.
  • Mutsumi has a habit of sleep walking, usually ending up in a completely different location from when she went to sleep.
  • Due to never having a boyfriend, and in an effort to save herself from embarrassment, Mutsumi used to make her own Valentine’s Day chocolates and pretended that they were for a valentine. Over the years she has become quite adept at making chocolates.
  • She is the eldest of eight siblings.
  • She is a constant target by the Senshi's enemies, however, it is unknown if this will continue.
  • Mutsumi is also the only one of the girls to never intentionally cause physical harm to Keitaro.
  • She has the largest breasts out of the main girls who originally are the residents of the Hinata Girls dorm. However, compared to any of the other residents, it's touch and go.

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