This is important for everyone to read. It's seems like this board is always ignored even though it's been made months ago and plenty of open threads have been moved in here for members to request to have moved out and put in their respective boards. It's not that hard people. This board is where open threads that don't get posted in go until they become old and eventually are deleted.

The only thing is if you want to post in a thread that's in here whether it be yours or someone else's, you have to ask a staff member to move it out of here for you and then if it's a thread you're posting in that's not yours you need to let that person know who created the thread that you replied in it. This helps members to get to know other RP styles that members have they've never RPed with before AND it cuts down on everyone saying they're bored.

If you're bored, lots of threads in here for you to look through, pick out the one you want to post in and ask a staff member to move it for you because you can't post in the thread in this board. That's not allowed. If anyone has any questions please ask them instead of acting scared like we're going to bite. The question you don't ask is the answer you'll never recieve.

This is all.

The Admin,
Maeda Ema