Series Character Rules

1. Should you register actual characters from another anime series you must remain active with them because it is not fair to someone who might've wanted to use the face claim of that character (or the character as itself) and you're not even active with it. If you're know you're not going to be active, don't register series characters. Register original characters and use a face claim that isn't as popular. Saves the time and headache.

2. If you're going to play characters from animes as themselves, you need to be willing to work with each other. That means, no going completely off the wall in your posts, no rushing to end a thread by having the character god mod and use their powers to end a fight scene quickly, use their powers to avoid being in situations where they have to explain themselves (only in regards to lazy members who are impatient), and no having them create scenarios in a thread that don't exist. If such problems arise in a thread, do NOT start fighting in it. Instead, talk to the player(s) that you're RPing with. Resolve the matter outside of the thread in private to avoid conflict.

3. This rule is very important and to avoid any misunderstandings I'm going to make this very clear: Do NOT turn canon characters into you. This means, don't let your problems in real life affect how you RP a series character you've registered. It's very common to put a little of yourself into every character that you play but there comes a point when it goes too damn far. When you start having the character acting the opposite of themselves, lets say having a sweet character act like a total bitch being all depressed over something from the past and no matter what ideas you give that member, they make up an excuse NOT to want to use the characters or the ideas given to them. Don't register the characters if you're not going to use them right. Because if it comes to a point where members find it difficult to RP with you and the character you have because they feel you're not Rping them how they should be, staff has the right to take the character from you and the face claim so the character itself can be available for anyone who wishes to grab at it. No ifs, ands, or buts.

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