Tami Kanon
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"Screw you!"


Prima (formerly)






July 08th, 1997




Britannia-Haumea Kingdom (formerly)
Tokyo, Japan (currently)


Juuban Municipal Academy Tenth Grade
Music Club Member


Resistance Member (formerly)
The Black Knights (formerly)
Works at Cat's Eye Cafe as Waitress


Possibly to be a singer



When her family was killed during the first war, Tami had learned to be very independent. With some helpful advice and other various tips, she was able to survive on her own for a while. She used her talent to be able to get by and survive on the streets before joining up with her friends and creating a resistance against Britannia. She took great pride in fighting against Britannia to take back a home that belonged to her and her people. Thus why she’s such a hothead. Although sweet, she walk around generally annoyed all the time, especially if it has anything to do with the Britannians whom, might I add, she never hesitates in telling off if they deserve it. Thus when it came to using her powers on them before she was captured, she had no qualms about it. It kept not only herself but also innocent people protected from being slaughtered. And being part of a resistance allowed her to learn some fighting skills. They may not be perfect but they were enough to at least get people to back off when she wanted them to. Before Haumea was taken over, Tami loved to sing. She would sing for anyone who asked her to because they loved hearing the sounds of her beautiful soprano voice that always attracted the attention of many. Since she is finally getting out of the palace, out of the kingdom no less, to have a chance to be able to live a normal life, Tami feels that she may just be able to sing joyful songs again and sing for anyone. When her social skills get a little better of course.

Tami, in the very beginning had great social skills. She could get along with just about anyone. She was nice and had a soft gentle voice that prompt even the cruelest of people to want to talk to her. But that all changed when she was forced to live within the Britannian Place and sing at parties and balls. She would always be completely pissed off, depressed and not want to be bothered with anybody within the palace. That included twins Fai and Yui La Britannia. She was tired of being told what to do, how to do it and when to do it and started to tell any of the servants off, causing her to have to be constantly man-handled by Britannian Officials. Tami also had to suffer through being harassed, poked, prodded and groped by others that she referred to as ‘Britannian Pigs’. She even, without a doubt, hated the name that she was given so that she wouldn't appear as 'Haumean' to the crowd. Tami hated being called Prima but would only make use of the name towards anyone she didn't like and felt didn't deserve to call her by her real name. During the war against the Black Knights and the Britannian Military, Tami didn’t have to worry about having to go through this anymore but was still annoyed that she had to live around the Royal Family and wear a power-canceling bracelet that canceled out any other powers that she had so she wouldn’t keep destroying anything. While she may not admit it, she does have a small soft spot for Fai who has done everything within his power that he said he was going to do to set her free and give her the life he felt she deserved.


Tami originally used to stand at the height of 4’10’’ with long straight black hair that went all the way down to her back and she wore a white headband atop her head to keep it back and out of her face and she had green eyes. When she was rescued and allowed to live within the Britannian Palace, her hair was cut short and it went down to the back of her neck, plus it was curly nearly all the time, which she hated unfortunately. She missed her long straight hair but was not allowed to grow it out. Over the course of the years, Tami has gotten taller, now at the height of 5’2’’, her hair, although not curly or long anymore but it is straight due to the fact that she flat ironed it ahead of time before leaving the palace for good and was glad she was able to keep it that way. She trimmed it up a bit to where it looks half way good and is going to keep it maintained on her own. Eventually she will grow it out over time but not right now. As for attire, originally all she wore was ball gowns that consisted of different colors but mainly wore a magenta colored dressed that looked similar to her former Sailor Fuku outfit. Since she’s living on Earth now and will be attending school, she is able to wear a more casual variety of clothing like skirts, shorts, pants, etc with tennis shoes, sandals, platform shoes, boots, etc. The uniform she’ll be wearing to school consists of a long sleeved white oxford shirt, dark green long sleeve uniform jacket with gold trimmings, short black necktie and plaid dark green skirt with black knee high tights and brown suede shoes.


Tami Kanon was born and raised within the Namaka Castle to the parents of Honoka and Takumi Kanon who were part of the Royal Court of the Haumea Kingdom where they worked with the rulers of the kingdom themselves. As such, their daughter, being very a very shy child, had a beautiful voice and her parents wanted the best for her. Not just academics wise but career wise as well. She attended the Namaka Academy within the castle that all young princesses, princes and regular citizens attended. The school provided academics as well as classes to teach children how to use their powers the right way for the right reasons. Tami had never considered herself as anyone special though she was raised to be better well behaved amongst all of her peers. It was at this very school where she'd met Rin-Rin and her twin brother Lirin Hatsune and the young princess of the Haumea Kingdom itself, Mikuru Inoue, having become immediately friends with them all. Well, despite the fact that Rin-Rin was crazy as hell pyromaniac that loved using her fire abilities to blow up things on sight and had a loud disposition about herself and Lirin was the quiet one of the two who always scolded his younger sister for her behavior and Mikuru was just a hyperactive type of person who loved egg rolls.

She had powers of her own and back then she had trouble controlling them. Anytime she would get upset, no matter what it was about, things would just start randomly flying around and sometimes even exploding. Though this is always on pure accident. Due to this, her parents thought it would be better if she just focused her concentration on learning how to use her other abilities as a Sailor Senshi for the time being. This way, no one would get hurt and no one would be afraid to be around her because she may seemingly pose some sort of danger. But Tami had trouble controlling them as well because they were at times, quite destructive, again, completely accidental. And with those powers, she didn't even have to be angry for them to be powerful. She'd felt that there was no way that she would ever be able to control her abilities and decided to focus her attention on singing. Tami loved to sing. Her friends had suggested that she sing before the Haumean King and Queen to which their daughter agreed but the child was just too nervous. She didn't believe the rulers would like the way she sang but she didn't want to let them down, nor her parents who she barely saw honestly due to them constantly working all the time. But mainly, it was because she'd never sang in front of a large crowd of people before. Tami would only just sing in front of her friends and that was it. Sure a few students would crowd around to stand and which but it was never large than a small group of people. This what she would be doing is singing in front of the entire people of the kingdom itself!

Mikuru had assured her that it was a good idea and that she would do just fine. Her parents would love to hear her sing. The arrangement was made and Tami sucked in her fear and went through with it, surprised that the princess of her homeland would be quite generous. And as she sang in front of the people of Haumea, she wowed them all, the rulers included. This had made her happy, made her finally believe that she could actually do something that didn't involve scaring people away or accidentally causing some sort of catastrophe. Unfortunately, these feelings didn't last long for it wasn't soon after that the Britannia Kingdom invaded the Haumean Kingdom along with the Namaka and Hiʻiaka castles as well. Just about everyone fought to stop the invasion from happening but alas, even their strongest warriors failed. The result was Haumea being renamed Britannia and Haumeans were stripped of everything. Their powers, name, dignity and freedom. All inhabitants were called 'Elevens' and were forced to live in poorly subsidized areas or work as slaves for the Britannians.

The king and queen were killed off to avoid Britannia being overthrown and the last time Tami saw Mikuru was when she escaped being captured by the Britannian Emperor, Charles zi Britannia. A Resistance Group had already begun to form, to which Tami joined but before that she lived on the streets of the Britannia Kingdom, fending for herself. She had no one to take care of her since her parents were killed in the midst of the war, which didn't leave her much of a choice but to go it alone. At least for awhile. But Tami wanted revenge. She wanted revenge on the bastards that took away her parents, separated her friends from one another and took their home from them. Everyone, not just herself but all of the Haumean citizens were reduced to living in the ghettos to avoid being massacred, prisoners within their own homeland. But she eventually managed to join up again with Rin-Rin and her brother and Princess Mikuru who was going by the name MM as part of a resistance group that would fight against the Britannian's army to take them down and take back their home. Within this group, she learned how to control her powers better, being able to bend them to her will to destroy countless soldiers and to top it off, she learned hand to hand combat as well. This was all done in order to wage war against Emperor Charles to run him out so that peace would be restored and the kingdom would return to being Haumea and NOT keep the name Britannia.

However, they failed miserably and lost the war. Because of the loss, everyone was either killed in battle, scattered or captured and scheduled to be executed for their crimes in forming a resistance group against the Emperor's Army. Tami was injured critically because of the war which left a large scar on her back. She was captured by the Britannian soldiers and was supposed to be executed but was discovered buried in rubble by Princes Fai and Yui law Britannia. Fai wanted to save the girl's life, give her a place to stay and heal, despite the very idea going against what his father's kingdom stood for when it came to the Haumean race. As for Yui, he wanted to force the poor girl to live with them and having found out who she was, she was forced to sing for them and their guests at any balls, parties, etc. that they threw. Fai's reasons was actually sincere where as Yui's reason for sparing Tami was because she was cute. Yui was the one that gave her the name 'Prima' finding her real name to be too Haumean, had her computerized sleeved taken away that was given to her when she joined the resistance group and destroyed it, she was forced to have her hair cut and curly (again something that was Yui's idea and not Fai's) and as per and order by Prince Renji El Britannia, a power canceling bracelet was placed on her wrist so that she wouldn't try to use any of her powers to escape or use them physically harm people out of annoyance because she hated the idea of living in a place she didn't want to be. She was limited to only using her ability of telekinesis and nothing more. She was completely cut off from using her Senshi powers.

It was the events in Tami's life that caused her to develop much stronger anger problem similar to Rin-Rin's but more destructive. She doesn't mind telling off someone that's older than her or Britannian in which case caused her to be man-handled quite often just to calm her down. She would sometimes bit knocked unconscious but Fai would always order the soldiers not to harm Tami. Yui, didn't really care whether they hit her or not. He felt that the girl needed to know her place. She was Haumean and not Britannia, therefore she had no right to be mouthing off to anybody. She was starting to remind the man too much of his little sister Anne La Britannia who he'd always call Annie because she complained and bitched just like her. Secretly, when Fai wasn't around, Yui had pulled Tami into his chambers to seduce her. Well, at least he tried to anyway but it didn't work since she kicked him in the nuts to get free but he immediately grabbed her, threatening her life if she were to tell a soul as to what happened between him and that from now on she better behave of he would immediately have her executed. Scared more for her life, Tami did as she was told. From that point on, she'd been forced to sing for those whom she refers to as 'Britannian Pigs' because the men at the twins' parties were always groping, poking and putting their hands on her where they didn't belong.


After some years passed, another war had broke out. The same people that were part of the old resistances groups from long ago had formed a new one with a masked man that called himself Zero, making himself their leader and their group being called the Black Knights. During this time, a few new faces had appeared around the palace, one of which was Thunder Copiel who'd been captured by Renji, Kaoru and Kazu and made prisoner within the palace, forced to heal any injured soldiers than came through the hospital. This was done in order to keep the Black Knights from increasing in numbers. For awhile it didn't work because they were growing increasingly stronger everyday. Even Britannians wanted to help them out to end the senseless racism between Haumeans and Britannians and stop the Emperor from trying to invade other planetary kingdoms. Although Tami sided with the masked man Zero, she half wondered would he alone be able to change things for the better. Then Euphemia came along claiming to be an heir to the Britannia Kingdom. She thought that to just be laughable and assumed the girl was only over in the kingdom just to be all talk and nothing more. Tami believed her to be just like the rest of the Royal Family: annoying fuck nuts that needed to just go die somewhere. Nothing was going to change no matter what happened. And she was right. Euphemia turned against everything she stood for and massacred everyone during her attempt to create a Special Zone of Haumea. She was surprised that Fai was interested in helping Euphemia as opposed to the others not wanting to.

That ended with the pink haired princess committing genocide and the war was brought to a standstill. Zero was no more, having been proclaimed dead, leaving the Black Knights as sitting ducks without any orders being given to them on what to do. This had gone on for two and a half years and during that time, everyone within the palace was agitated, wondering what was going to happen next. Tami just saw this as she didn't have to sing in front of Britannians at parties anymore since no one was in the mood to have one. Not even Fai who'd started hiding how he really felt behind a fake smile that she could easily see through. At least Yui wasn't around anymore, given that he was killed by Zero, everyone else distraught over his death and Fai just not really crying about it at all which she found to be odd. That's when she found out that he'd always had nothing in common with his twin brother as they were opposites despite being twins. Fai cared about Haumeans and wanted them to have their home back and not have to deal with fighting in a war where many lives would be lost. Yui was the one that felt Haumeans should be taken in as slaves and have them be forced to use whatever talents that are believed to be useful for the good of the kingdom if they don't wish to be executed. That didn't come as a surprise to her and since Yui was dead, she had no regrets in telling Fai what Yui tried to do to her. Fai apologized to her greatly for his brother's actions and promised to make it up to her by freeing her from this life and giving her a better one that she deserved. In the very beginning, Tami didn't believe him. With as racist, loud and obnoxious as the majority of his other siblings were, she didn't see how any of them was going to let him do anything for someone like her.

One thing she did ask of him was could he start calling her by her real name and not the name that Yui gave her and he agreed to do just that and had been from that point on. More and more prisoners from the Black Knights were being brought in and scheduled to be executed for their attempt to overthrow the Emperor but this was stopped when Fai intervened, taking in Natsumi Tachibana under his personal care and she was to not be bothered with no matter what. Tami didn't get why Fai was so sentimental towards her people and anyone else but she'd soon began to realize this was part of his true nature. He'd always love helping others if it meant giving up his own happiness in return. Around this time, he'd introduced both Tami and Natsumi to Mokona, a little talking white rabbit that loved making friends, cheering people up and drinking sake! Tami found Mokona to be weird and mostly kept her distance. Little by little she warmed up to Mokona but not to the point she'd go squealing and want to hug her every time she saw her. Fai specifically said that she had to be kept hidden because he didn't want her ending up in Renji's hands. Mokona never did though. In fact, if it hadn't been for Mokona teleporting them all to the Moon Kingdom and standing before the head of the council herself, Setsuna Meiou, the power canceling bracelet on Tami's wrist would've never gotten removed. It required a lot of magic and power to remove it which was done with the combined power of Fai, Setsuna and Minako Aino.

Tami couldn't be any happier that, that thing was finally off of her wrist and she was able to use all of her powers again. Of course, thinking on it after awhile, she decided that her powers as a Sailor Senshi would be too powerful to control. They would end up controlling her instead of the other way around, something she didn't want. So on her own, with the use of Mokona as a teleportation device, she'd gone back to the Moon Kingdom to ask Setsuna personally if she would relieve her of her powers as a Sailor Senshi for she was perfectly content with just the power of telekinesis and that was already strong enough all on its own. She thanked the woman for being blessed with the gift to have them but felt them to be better off in someone else's hands. Setsuna agreed and Tami's Senshi powers were removed from her and transferred into the Chalice of Powers. With that, she returned back to Britannia to help Fai and his childhood friend Kurogane prepare for them to leave and start their lives on Earth. She was glad that she could actually manage her own hair as well, deciding to straighten it out, trim it to where it could be manageable. Tami was glad to be leaving and while her homeland may never be the same again, she could pray from a distance that things will change. Only thing she didn't like about the move was one, Kurogane because the two of them butted heads constantly, two, she would be living in an all boys residents with Fai and Kurogane to be watched (mostly Kurogane's idea) and finally, Fai's younger sister Anne was coming to live with them.

Tami had always hated Anne because of how much of a whiny, loud, overbearing and annoying little bitch she was before Fai erased her memories and she disappeared from the palace grounds for a year and had returned some months later. Anne wasn't given her memories back, in fact, she didn't want them back after Fai showed her the past of the person she used to be. It'd surprised her really considering that even with a new personality, the person themselves usually would want to go back to what they were used to. … Usually. Apparently, this 'new Anne' didn't want that. Tami still didn't like her, no matter how nice she was because she remembered how much crap she took from the girl and how much she wanted to beat the shit out of her with something every time she opened her mouth. But she was repenting for her past transgressions and wanted to start fresh somewhere new since trying to fit in with the family wasn't working. And so, Mokona, Tami and Anne were all enrolled as students into Juuban Municipal Academy with their new home being the Hinata Boys dorm. For Tami, it's going to take some time for her to get used to being in a quiet environment as well as going to school around people she don't particularly know. But since a lot of Haumean citizens fled from Britannia to Earth, it should be all that difficult for her. Though she's not too thrilled about sharing a room with Anne though. Mokona isn't a problem … Anne is … But it could be worse. She could still be living in the Britannian Palace right now and since she's not anymore, she's going to make the best out of an uncomfortable arrangement.

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Tami went before Setsuna, the Head of the Crystal Tokyo Council by herself asking if she would relieve her of her powers of being a Sailor Senshi. She found the powers to be more trouble than they’re worth and after all the stories and rumors she’d heard of things that have happened with the regular Sailor Senshi that currently live on Earth, she did not want the same things happening to her in the future. And so, she was just fight with keeping her power of levitation.

Tami has the ability of telekinesis that allows her to be able to float objects and people in midair with the use of her hands or her mind. She is also able to establish a mental link with someone who has the same power or a power that is similar to her own where she is able to communicate with them through thoughts. If someone were to try to invade her mind with their power without her permission she is able to immediately send a large wave of pulsation that breaks the mental link and pushes them out. Of course, this requires concentration to do so and Tami cannot be in an annoyed or upset state of mind or it will not work. She is able to bend this power to her will to be able to protect herself with the use of her mind to create an invisible shield that blocks against oncoming attacks. While all of this is useful to her, this power can also be dangerous if she is in a full rage, causing anything in the area that isn’t indestructible to explode to pieces and as for herself, she passes out from using too much of her power.

Having been part of the old Haumean Resistance Group years ago meant that she had to learn how to not only defend herself with just her powers but also in a hand-to-hand fight as well. It didn’t bother a hot head like Tami to want to learn some fighting techniques. She isn’t as strong as the others and unfortunately, her training had stopped when she’d been captured and forced to live out half of her life living within the Britannian Palace. Therefore, the most she currently still knows how to do that is effective somewhat to her are using kicking and punching moves. And despite being much shorter than … anyone she ever got into an argument with, she has been known to grab someone by the hand or the arm and throw them onto their back really hard. That and having been head-butted a few times by Echo, she’d also started head-butting people which doesn’t do anything much in the sort of pain to her but to anyone else, it hurts like hell.


Tami has had no known love interests, even when she was taken in and lived in the Britannian Palace, her personality remained pretty much the same and therefore she took no interest in anybody, only wanting to be freed from being kept somewhere she didn't want to be.


  • Tami was probably one out of few other Black Knights members that did not have nor share a romantic interest with anybody.
  • She will probably always deem Fai to be an idiot but she no longer thinks of him as a pervert.
  • She tolerated Fai more than she did Yui who often would attempt to put his hands on her.
  • She was almost raped by Yui who tried to force himself onto her even when she told him to stop.
  • Tami gave up her Sailor Senshi powers.
  • Tami still dislikes Anne Flourite even though her personality is not the same as it originally was before her memories were erased.

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