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Zero (Lelouch vi Britannia)


Mikuru Inoue (M.M.)
Luka Ando
Hiroshi Ando


Area 11 (Namaka City)


Former Resistance Members


a.t.b. 2009

The Black Knights (黒の騎士団, Kuronokishidan - known as the Order of the Black Knights in Japanese) are a group of vigilante rebels who fight against the Holy Britannian Empire. Founded by Zero, they define themselves as the "allies of justice", and differentiate themselves from other terrorists. Most members are former Haumean, many of whom have defected from other insurgent groups, though many other peoples, even Britannians may be found among their ranks. Their logo is a Geass Sigil with a sword through it.


Zero introduces the Black Knights to the Britannia Kingdom as an organization which protects those without power from those who have it. Under his leadership, the Black Knights gerw in strength exponentially, becoming a force rivaling the Britannian Army. Lelouch declares the formation of the United Kingdom of Haumea, a kingdom of acceptance and tolerance where any and all can seek refuge. Though Lelouch reoganizations the Black Knights to form a structured hierarchy and chain of command, the Black Knights rely heavily on his masterful strategies, unable to act effectively when he has not given them specific orders. During the Black Rebellion, the group falls apart when Lelouch suddenly takes leave. In the process, there are a lot of knights who are killed and several others are arrested by Britannia while others go into hiding while they plan their next move.

After having his memories restore to him by M.M., Lelouch works to form a larger alliance of nations to fight Britannia, however, this becomes unnecessary when the finally battle is decided upon Renji announcing that he had once and for all killed the Emperor and may feared that because of it, he would assume the throne, making things more difficult for Haumeans who did not believe that Renji had changed at all. Not if he was bold enough to kill his own father. The Black Knights are not surprised by this action but others in Britannian forces are considering they have heard rumors that Renji might not assume the throne if given the chance to take it with the Emperor out of the way. Unfortunately, this was not so. Not only did he not take the throne but decided that this war would finally be over officially with both parties agreeing to the separation of Haumea from Britannia, once again making the two kingdoms their own again.

After the war, the Black Knights disbanded but many still continue to work as everyday citizens within the new Haumea Kingdom with Thunder Copiel as the kingdom's new ruler.

Commanders & LeadersEdit

Members Image
Mikuru Inoue aka M.M. - (Deceased) Original princess of the Haumea Kingdom Mmavi
Thunder Copiel - New King of Haumea Thunderavi
Luka Ando - Leader of the Resistance against Britannia Lukaavi
Hiroshi Ando - Luka's older brother who she always say he's 'Past his prime and it's too late for him to get married'. He pilots his own knightmare and is second in command next to Luka for he feels that he doesn't have leadership skills even though he thinks Luka is sometimes careless in the decisions she makes. Hiroshiavi

Older MembersEdit

Members Image
Kallen Kozuki - Ace Guren Pilot Kallenavi
Denver Minami - Operates a knightmare frame and her skills are at a higher level than Lirin's. Denveravi001
Akaito Akatsuka - (Deceased) Kaito's older cousin Akaitoavi
Kaito Akamatsu - Akaito's younger cousin and specializes in ice related attacks. Kaitoavi
Meiko Oto - Knightmare Pilot Meikoavi1
Aoi Minase - Another Haumean resistance member who is against Britannia's ways and actions. He wields a sword and is often seen wearing dark clothing. He has mechanical experience as well as knightmare piloting skills. Aoiavi
Mamiko Suzuki - Another Haumean resistance member who has the power of ice. Mamikoavi1
Lucifer Lester - A traitorous former resistance member who allowed himself to be captured by the Britannian soldiers only to betray his friends in the end. His right eye holds a dark power that is very dangerous, hence the reason he keeps it covered with an eye patch. Luciferavi

Younger MembersEdit

Members Image
Dallas De Rai - A child that was found to be mute but later healed by Thunder Copiel. Dallasavi1
Allie Abendroth - A Half Vampire girl with a foul mouth. Allieavi
Seiryu Touketsu - Princess Chikage's Knight. Seiryuavi

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