In the district of Shinjuku, Shibuya, the Western side of Tokyo, is best known for is a major commercial and administrative centre, housing the busiest train stations in the world (Shinjuku Station & Toyotama Station). It is also home to hotels, department stores, specialist electronic and camera shops, cinemas, restaurants, and bars, the rest of the city is a mix of residential with commercial areas concentrated around railway stations.

The OasisEdit

The Oasis is a less expensive hotel than others located in the vicinity. It offers the same luxuries for half the price. Come out and stay for business or leisure travel. At the Oasis we strive to create a positive environment for guests. However, this hotel is not as big as the Grand Okinawa Hotel and others in Tokyo. The only thing close to a party that is held is small gatherings and it's free along with the food. Enjoy your stay.

Azabu Court ApartmentsEdit

Our neighborhood includes prestigious residential dwellings, including the homes of many multinational executives and their families, as well as numerous foreign embassies. Only 10 minutes away on foot are grocery stores, quaint shops carrying everything from imported foods, fresh fruits and vegetables to traditional Japanese food items and gifts, as well as restaurants and cafes offering cuisine and beverages from around the world. Azabu Court is your affordable home in the heart of metropolitan Tokyo!

The Mansions at Azabu TowersEdit

This is the most famous hotel in all of Japan. This five star hotel is where those dream of walking into and enjoying its luxuries. Many famous celebrities from all over the world have walked through these doors. This hotel is also known for hosting very expensive as well as fancy parties and shindigs. But of course, nothing is free. If the party is free for all, you can get in, if it's not, you have to pay. Enjoy your stay.

Toyotama StationEdit

The Toyotama Station is the famous terminal train station as well as it also providing many other means of transportation such as cabs, air travel, etc. Also, located in the terminal are many shopping, eatery and game areas for you to enjoy while you wait for transportation.

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